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Vegetable Biriyani

35.00 د.إ

Basmati rice cooked with garden fresh vegetables in a tangy aromatic masala

Chicken Hyderabadi Biriyani

45.00 د.إ

Chicken pieces marinated in special Hyderabadi masala, cooked with aromatic basmati rice and fried onions

Mutton Biriyani

49.00 د.إ

Mutton pieces marinated in a special masala, cooked Chicken Hyderabadi with aromatic basmati rice and fried onions

Prawns Biriyani (Spicy)

59.00 د.إ

Prawns cooked in saffron basmati rice flavored with cardamon and carom seeds

Chicken Tikka Biryani (Spicy)

49.00 د.إ

The Biriyani that brings together the flavors of our famous tender chicken tikka with aromatic biriyani rice