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Spicy Chicken Wrap (Spicy)

32.00 د.إ

Succulent marinated chicken with lettuce, sliced tomato, Melted Cheese and mild spicy sauce on the top

Market Special Club Sandwich

39.00 د.إ

Grilled chicken, crispy veal bacon, fried egg, onion ring sliced cheddar cheese and iceberg lettuce layered

Chicken Burger

29.00 د.إ

Tender chicken breast wrapped in a crispy batter that gives the perfect crunchy taste with French fries

Angus Beef Burger

49.00 د.إ

Fresh mince steak Pattie, Glazed onion, cheese and sauces

Market Special Hot Dog

20.00 د.إ

Classical taste with a timeless mix of ketchup, mayo, mustard and sweet relish topped with onions