About Us

The Market is the new age neighborhood restaurant that sweeps Dubai Marina with the real taste of causal food. It serves seasonally inspired cuisine with quality ingredients, set in the backdrop of comfortable surroundings and committed staff.

Make your dining experience merrier with the finest delicacies that are cooked to the goodness by the master chef of the Market Restaurant. The fresh food and a wide selection of dishes entwine to offer a memorable taste to the discerning taste buds. Come over to fulfill the foodie in you with a little sprinkling of fun.

Our Approch

It extends beyond just offering lip smacking and belly filling food to imbue a heart warming experience. A sincere effort to pamper the causal gourmand in you with comfort food that is prepared with passion.

Our Ambiance

The Market restaurant is situated on the seafront in Dubai Marina- the nerve of food lovers, a place that is dotted with some of the finest comfort food restaurants of Dubai including The Market Restaurant. Elegant lighting, studding interiors, gorgeous full glass facade and the hygienic kitchen combine to give a subliminal feel to the food lovers.